Wednesday, February 1, 2023

New in Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android 2023

Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android has received several new features and improvements in recent updates. Some of the latest features include:

  • Dark mode: A dark mode theme has been added to Outlook for iOS and Android, which provides a low-light interface that can reduce eye strain and improve visibility in low-light environments.
  • Focused Inbox: This feature helps users to focus on the most important messages by separating them into two tabs: "Focused" and "Other."
  • Calendar improvements: Outlook for iOS and Android now includes a more user-friendly calendar interface with improved navigation and better scheduling tools.
  • Improved search: The search function in Outlook for iOS and Android has been improved, making it easier to find specific emails, contacts, and files.
  • Smarter notifications: Outlook for iOS and Android now includes smarter notifications, which will only show notifications for new emails from people you interact with frequently.

These are some of the latest features added to Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android. Note that these features may have changed or been updated since my training data was cut off.

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

How to Resolve MS Word Not Responding Error with setup Support?

MS Office Word has made our lives handy supplying the high-quality documentation required via businesses, college domestic customers round the world. MS Word from time to time experiences the unexpected unresponsive nature whilst the use of the file. When the MS Word unexpectedly stops responding, the work that’s achieved on the file is misplaced when it’s now not saved. In this publish we strive to carry one of the most frequently determined problem of MS Word i.e. no longer responding error. Meanwhile if you prefer to discuss to our patron carrier executive, you can dial our toll free numbers below.

Why Ms Word Suddenly Stops Responding?

The motives for the MS Word’s surprising unresponsive nature ought to be due to wide variety of reasons; some of them being:

Bugs or virus on the user’s gadget that may additionally have brought about the corruption of the MS Word files.

The third-party add-ons or the plug-ins may also have created a nuisance which might also disrupt the regular working of the MS Word.

Sometimes your system’s hardware and software program problems additionally lead to the incorrect functioning of the MS Word software.

Given beneath are the troubleshooting steps to get to the bottom of MS Word Not responding error your self at home. Please observe the steps as cited or dial our toll free patron care numbers.

How Do You Fix A Word File Which Is Displaying Not Responding Error?

In case you have come throughout this error, it is beneficial to preserve take a look at on two primary things:

Office and Windows software program are up to date to date.

Also preserve take a look at on plugins replace and removal.

Start an utility in Safe Mode

Start the Word file in protected mode, to locate out if the hassle used to be due to the fact of an add-in. If you have been questioning how you begin an software with protected mode option, you can name to MS Office Help Desk, on how to begin an utility in secure mode else observe these steps to continue:

Use the CTRL key on your keyboard whilst opening the Office application.

Is it opened in Safe Mode? Alternatively, use the /safe command line.

Check if your Word file beginning with secure mode

If yes, then the hassle is brought about due to the fact of incompatible add-ins! It is desired to disable the add-ins and COM add-ins from your PC for preserving your Office archives working fine.

While you are nonetheless in the secure mode, select the Add-Ins from the choices and uncheck them.

After doing it, restart the utility in ordinary mode.

Incompatible device drivers

If your nevertheless now not resolved the issue, you have to test for incompatible system drivers. Always hold your Windows and MS Office Setup to date to have the trendy drivers. For having the cutting-edge home windows update, use the following steps from MS Office Help Desk:

Click on Settings from the begin menu.

Under settings, pick out Update and Security.

Opt for computerized Windows update.

If the hassle persists even after updating Windows drivers, down load and deploy the present day driver from Office internet site

In case you face any troubles that you locate it difficult to solve, sense free to contact the MS Office tech assist thru the toll-free wide variety or go to

Thursday, January 19, 2023

How You can Block a Website via URL Blocker on Windows 10?

Wondering how can you block a internet site on home windows 10 the usage of a URL blocker?

If you’re fed up of a internet site that has spammed content material or shows too many advertisements and you prefer to block that internet site on your Windows 10, then don’t worry, we will assist you with that.

In this publish we have listed many techniques to block a internet site on your Windows 10 PC and browser extension. Below we are informing you about a tool that you can use for blocking off a internet site from any browser. The device is referred to as URL blocker that can block any internet site from any browser on your PC.

Why Block a URL?

There are a wide variety of motives that pressure you to block a website.

For instance- you are a mum or dad and your teens frequently use your gadget and you don’t prefer them to get entry to some specific sites, you can block these URL.  Blocking social media web sites interior Office premises by way of corporations is additionally a trick used to stop your personnel losing Office in scrolling or chatting on FB, YouTube etc. If you are searching for coaching on some different trouble associated to your Office set up then go to or name on our beneath listed numbers.

How can you block a internet site on home windows 10?

Window customers can use a URL blocker app to block the web sites barring an awful lot difficulty. The foremost benefit for the customers to use this app is that it doesn’t require any step with the aid of step approach to block the site. It is a easy and handy to use app the place the URL additionally makes use of the home windows host file in order to block any website.

How to use URL blocker?

Using this device doesn’t require any technical know-how. All you want to comply with these steps:

Restart the first and primary step is to set up the app on your home windows PC and then run it for a whilst or in easy phrases you’ve to open it after installation.

After this step, you have to enter the URL of the web page that you favor to block in the decrease container that is empty and then you’ve to click on on the add button.

A person has to make certain that the URL have to be brought in the top container that too is empty.

After coming into all of the web sites that you choose to block you ought to click on on the observe button.

After doing this, in order to see the adjustments you’ve made in your browser, you want to log out of your device and then signal in again.

Now the internet site will get routinely block, even if you enter it in your browser, your laptop the display will show an ‘error found’ message.

If there are multi-users or a consumer is the use of more than one computer systems and they favor to block some web sites on all of the structures then, they have to export the listing of web sites that they prefer to block.

To do the above step, customers want to click on on the export alternative so as to block the sites.

Now after doing the above step, your gadget will robotically create a .blocker file which you ought to export to different structures that you favor to block your web site on.

The final step is to different structures that you’ve exported that .blocker website to you are achieved with efficaciously blocking off your ‘unwanted’ websites.

If you are experiencing any problems with your any Office model then we suggest you to contact Office help on given under numbers. Whether it is a configuration error, setup error or any different Office error code that disturbs you time often, our skilled Office assist crew can rectify it in no time. Our no on-line ready queue helpline numbers will provide you the exceptional help and decision of your all problems associated setup or installation.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

How To Insert Offline-Online Photos To Your PowerPoint Presentations?

Photos can make your shows greater attractive and attractive to your target audience & clients. Normally you can insert a photo at once importing a file from your pc onto any slide however trouble takes place when you seem to be for inserting on line & offline pictures. Though PowerPoint has a device for discovering on-line pics and including them at once on your PPT, nevertheless if you are searching approaches to insert Offline/online photos then this article is for you. If you are going through any different error with your any Office product, go to or name on under toll free numbers.

How To Insert a Photo Directly from Your Systems to PPT?

Select the Insert tab, then click on the Photos command in the Images group.

A dialog field will appear. Locate and pick out the preferred photograph file, then click Insert.

The image will show up on the presently chosen slide.

You can additionally click on the Photos command in a placeholder to insert images.

Clip Art Image Option at No Longer Available

Previously, you additionally had the alternative to insert clip artwork pix from, however this provider is no longer reachable and has been discontinued. Instead, you can use Bing Image Search to locate snap shots for your presentation.

Inserting on line images via One Drive & Bing

If you don’t have the photo you favor on your computer, you can locate a photo on-line to add to your presentation. PowerPoint gives two selections for discovering on-line pictures:

OneDrive: You can insert an photo saved on your OneDrive (previously referred to as SkyDrive). Additionally, you can additionally hyperlink different on line debts with your Microsoft account like that of Facebook or Flickr.

Bing Image Search: You can use this choice to search the Internet for images. By default, Bing solely indicates snap shots that are licensed below Creative Commons, which capacity you can use them for your personal projects. However, you need to go to the image’s internet site to see if there are any restrictions on how it can be used.

If you are now not capable to insert your preferred image to your presentation or want assist with any of your Office product, go to our MS Office guide at on given beneath numbers. Whether it is a configuration error, setup error or any other Office error code that disturbs you time often, our skilled MS Office aid crew can rectify it in no time. Our no on line ready queue helpline numbers will provide you the nice help and decision of your all troubles associated setup or installation.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

How to Add Signature in Microsoft Outlook?

Whenever you add your signature to an email you provide it a personal touch. If you don’t know how to add the signature then we will tell you exactly how to add signature in MS Outlook.

Does the email signature add value to you and your company brand?

The Answer is Yes. Especially on the professional level. When most of your personal & business communication happens through application services like outlook. You must know How To Add Signature in MS Outlook?

If you are a company owner or a freelance artist. It’s important to promote your company and yourself. That’s what when adding an email signature under your emails comes handy and works as a promoting tool.

The email signature includes your company logo by which people start recognizing you and your brand. You can also include your contact details so that more people can connect with your brand.

You can take the example of big brands, such as Microsoft and Google. You can see the email of their employees, as they always add an email signature at the end of emails footnote.

How to Add Signature in MS Outlook with Different Version?

In this article, we are covering the followings topics for Outlook users from the latest version to the prior outlook versions:

  • How to Add Signature in Outlook 365
  • How to Add Signature in Outlook 2019
  • How to Add Signature in Outlook 2016

How to Add Signature in Outlook 365

If you are using Outlook 365 (latest version) and looking solution for How To Add Signature in Outlook 365.

Here, are some steps to follow to add signature in Outlook 365:

  • Open your Outlook software.
  • Press Ctrl+ N to compose New Mail.
  • Mail Window will appear. Select the Message option from the title bar.
  • Locate the Signature option
  • You will again have a new signature & stationery window.
  • Punch your click on the New option.
  • You have to Name the signature and confirm it with Ok.
  • You can add the signature by mentioning the info in the edit signature section.
  • You can also use tools to link any designed photo or image for your signature.

Note: You have to make one change only before your confirmation changes. Go to the New Message option (given on the right side of the signature & stationery window). Select the pull-down arrow and select your signature name. So, whenever you compose an email to someone, your signature appears on the footnote of your mail. Thus, How To Add Signature in Outlook 365 (Latest Version).

How to Add Signature in Outlook 2016/2019

If you are using Outlook 2019/ Outlook 2016 and looking solution for How To Add Signature in Outlook 2016/2019.

Here, are some steps to follow to add signature in outlook 2016/2019:

  • Start the Outlook app on your system.
  • Go for the File Menu and choose the Options tab.
  • You can choose the Signature tab to change and create a new signature.
  • You have to create a new signature. Thus, choose the New button.
  • Select any name for your signature.
  • Enter the Signature details in section (Edit signature) below.
  • Hit on Ok to save your signature.

If you have followed the steps. You can easily know How To Add Signature in Outlook 2019/ Outlook 2016.

How to Add Signature in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 is one of the prior versions of outlook. But still popularly in use. And if you are using Outlook 2013 and looking solution for How To Add Signature in Outlook 2013. The solution given below is definitely for your use.

Here, are some steps to follow to add signature in outlook:

  • Open the Microsoft Presentation Tool.
  • You can design your signature on it.
  • Now, access your outlook app console.
  • Go to the Outlook File tab and select it.
  • Choose the Mail button and select the Options tab from it.
  • Then search for the Signature key and open it.
  • Select the New Key.
  • The window for Signature name will appear. Name it.
  • Use the Tools option from the Edit Signature bar.
  • Insert your designed signature into the Edit Signature section.
  • Hit the Ok key to save changes in your signature.

Now, you know How To Add Signature in Outlook 2013. With the same procedure, you can replace your old signature with a new signature without any issue.

How to Add Signature in Outlook 2010/2007

(Older Outlook Version)

Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007, both are one of the prior versions of outlook software. Rarely in use by people. But we still consider our reader’s needs. And if you are using Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 and looking solution for How To Add Signature in Outlook 2010/2007.

Here, are some steps to follow to add signature in outlook:

  • Access your Outlook application.
  • Select the File button and Go to the Options tab (Left corner).
  • When you select the Options tab, Outlook Option Window will appear.
  • Choose the Mail tab.
  • Then, choose the Signature option from the right-side section below.
  • You can replace the older signature with new by selecting New Tab.
  • Write Your Signature’s message body on the outlook Edit Signature section.
  • Select Ok key and save the changes.

Now, you know How To Add Signature in Outlook – in all versions from Outlook 365 (latest version) to Older Version of Outlook i.e Outlook 2007.

You don’t have to not face any issue about email signature in outlook regardless of what version of outlook, you might be using. But still, if you having in difficulty. Contact our tech team via Call or Visit our site about other inquiries.

Friday, January 6, 2023

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error 1923 or 1920?

Is your MS Office 2016 setup fails with error 1923 or 1920 flashing on the screen? If yes, then this submit is beneficial to you!

Many instances Office customers are located reporting the familiar Error 1923 or 1920 whilst attempting to set up Office 2016 Professional on Windows 7 or different running systems. The error seems each and every time when you attempt to deploy Microsoft Office 2010 or Office 2016 at and go away you in frustration.

Generally, these blunders show up when Service ‘Office Software Protection Platform’ (osppsvc) should now not be hooked up or has failed. This usually takes place after an unsuccessful uninstall of the identical Office version. The installer would possibly be strolling with administrative privileges.To rectify it you want to affirm that you have adequate privileges to set up machine services.

In this post, we are telling you the guide information to unravel such errors. Follow them as per your running system. If the hassle is now not constant we endorse you to name on our Support numbers for any hassle associated to 2016.

What Causes this Error to Appear?

This trouble happens when the Network Service account does now not have the right permissions on C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform

Error 1920 & 1923 when 2016

During set up you may additionally once in a while get the above blunders and be precipitated to check, you started out attempting a number of options such as a easy boot, half of smooth boot, switching off anti-virus. The error doesn’t get to the bottom of even with Microsoft restore it a device which is used to get rid of hidden Office files.

If this is the hassle stressful you too, then observe the steps & get this trouble restore inside No Time.

How to Fix This Error?

To get to the bottom of this issue, you should provide the Network Service account full manipulate on the ‘OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform’ folder.

Fix MS Office Error 1923 Manually Here

If you desire to restoration this error yourself, all you want to pick out your Operating System from beneath and proceed to the referred to steps in resolving issues.

For Windows XP or for Windows Server 2003

Click Start and click on Run.

Type the following command line, and click on ENTER:

cacls “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform” /t /e /p “Network Service”:F

Try putting in Office 2010.

For Windows Vista

Click Start &Start Search, kind Run, and then press ENTER.

Type the following command line, and press ENTER:

icacls “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform” /grant “Network Service:F” /t

Try putting in Office 2010

For Windows 7

Click Start, click on Search packages and files, kind Run, and then press ENTER.

Type the following command line, and then press ENTER.

icacls “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform” /grant “Network Service:F” /t

Try the set up of Office 2010.

Check whether or not the trouble is fixed. Try restarting your machine if the trouble is solved successfully. If the trouble is now not fixed, you can contact support.

If you are nonetheless receiving this error after following all above steps, we request you to  go to 2016. We have a group of skilled technicians who will assist you troubleshoot any trouble associated to the Office set up, Office myaccount associated problems, Office set up & configuration. We take each question associated to MS Office merchandise with one hundred percent get to the bottom of rate. Our clients are completely happy to be served with our professional know-how & round the clock client service.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

How to Fix MS Office Encountered an Error during Setup?

Does your MS Office come upon an error for the duration of setup? It is now not getting hooked up no count number how many challenging you are trying? If yes, then you are at proper place.

Microsoft Office is the frequently used information processing utility suite that is being used with the aid of billions of humans all throughout the world. The brand new version of MS Office is Office 2016 with the elements absolutely liked via customers worldwide. Time happens when most of the Office customers have suggested a number of problems associated to setup, installation, configuration & product key activation. In this post, we are list some MS Office blunders and the troubleshooting suggestions for ‘Microsoft Office encountered an error in the course of setup’ issue.

Common MS Office Errors You may additionally Face with your Office Product

Some of the frequent problems are referred to below: ‘Microsoft Office encountered an error all through setup’

Microsoft office encountered an error throughout setup for 2016 version

Microsoft Office encountered an error at some stage in setup for 2013 version

Microsoft Office encountered an error in the course of setup for 2007 version

Microsoft Office expert plus 2010 encountered an error at some stage in setup in Windows 8/ Windows 10

Microsoft Office 2013 encountered an error at some point of setup home windows 10

Microsoft Office domestic and commercial enterprise 2010 encountered an error throughout setup

Microsoft Office 2013 encountered an error for the duration of setup home windows 10

Unable to set up the Office 365

Troubleshooting Tips for Error ‘Microsoft Office encountered an error for the duration of setup’

‘Microsoft Office encountered an error all through setup’ is one of the most frequent blunders encountered through the users. Mostly this error vegetation up whilst putting in MS Office 2007, 2013 or 2016. On shutting the communicate container displaying this message some other error is being proven announcing “Microsoft setup bootstrap has cease working “.

To get to the bottom of this error, you may additionally strive to erase the registry keys. In case the trouble nevertheless persists then you can comply with the troubleshooting steps below:

You can get a repair device on web.

After getting this tool, attempt to uninstall the MS Office suite which has been hooked up on your system

Install the suite once more however make certain that this time you deploy it in a smooth boot. In case you are unaware about smooth boot then you have to try:

Open the Run Command dialog box

Now kind exe

A “System Configuration” window will pop up.

Here you will want to pick the alternative “Selective Startup”

Uncheck all the bins noted inside Selective Startup

Now click on on “Apply”

Select “Yes” in the dialog field that seems after you have clicked “Apply”

Once the machine has rebooted, you have set your device in the Clean boot mode

Now you can set up the MS Office suite in your system

In case you are inclined to change returned to the Normal Startup then observe the below-mentioned steps:

Go to Start Menu

Type Run in the search box

Open the Run Command dialog box

Type exe

Again “System configuration” Pop up will open

This time you want to pick out “Normal Startup”

Click on “Apply”

Select Yes to Restart

You will be switched lower back to Normal mode

Issue Not Resolved? Get Help from Experts right here

In case you are nevertheless going through the equal problem over and over again, you want an specialist advice. The technical professionals at the website will assist you in getting the trouble resolved. You can both go to or make a call at the range noted under and can contact the technical specialists at your personal convenience.

If you have tried the above-mentioned steps however the hassle nevertheless persists then in this case you can contact the professionals at the variety cited below. We have the most reliable SMS Office helpline numbers the place you can get the satisfactory help and decision of your all troubles associated to setup or installation.