Saturday, September 11, 2021

How to Unlock Microsoft Word Documents?

 Microsoft Word offers tools to lock and unlock documents to prevent unwelcome changes. Locking a password-protected file is possible. A password-protected file can be locked. You can lock sub documents, fields, or forms in Microsoft Word so they cannot be altered. Then you can unlock them when you are ready to make any changes.

Access Files That Have Been Password-Protected:

Open Microsoft Word. Enter your password when prompted.

To unlock the file, save it again without password protection. Next, select "File", then "Save As". Then choose "Tools" from "Save As" dialog box's top.

Select "Security Options" to remove the password from the text boxes "Password To Open" and "Password To Modify". Click "OK" to close the dialogue box "Security Options."

You can save the document again by pressing "Save". The file will then be made public.

Unlocking the Sub document

Open Word and open the master document. This will contain all sub documents.

You can manage sub documents by selecting "View" or "Outline" from your toolbar. The toolbar for "Outlining” will be displayed.

To expand sub documents, click the "Expand Sub documents” button on the "Outlining” toolbar.

Navigate to a sub document and click the "Lock Document” button in the toolbar.

Unlocking Fields

The document that has the locked field is open.

To unlock a field, move your cursor over it.

To unlock the field press the "Ctrl+SHIFT+F11” buttons on your keyboard.

Unlocking Forms

Open Word and select the locked form.

Choose "Forms" in the toolbar ("View," Toolbars", and "Customize") Click on the tab "Toolbars", and then check "Forms". Next, click the "Close” button.

To unlock the form, select it from your page. Click the "Protect form" button in the "Forms” toolbar. Click on the arrow to the right of the "Protect Form” button to make it visible. Next, select "Add or remove Buttons", "Forms", and "Protect Form".

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