Wednesday, August 18, 2021

How Do I Resolve Outlook Office 365's Stuck Loading Profile Issue?

Outlook Office 365 allows employees and users to communicate online with each other. Users need to ensure that they are aware of all updates. It is important to update outlook office 365 to the most recent version. This includes newer features and a more effective security feature. tap on

Users could update the product to close the doors for hackers to find the bug in the previous version and gain access to the device digitally. Hackers could use this to gain access to confidential user data and misuse it in a wrong way.

After the Outlook account has been successfully updated within Outlook office 365 login, users may experience errors or problems when executing the product onto their device.

How to fix the 'Outlook Office 365 on Loading Profile' problem?

The steps below will help users to resolve the problem. These are the steps:

Method 1: Use safe mode to execute the Outlook application

First, close Outlook.

Next, enter the following command and press the Enter key: Outlook.exe/safe.

Close the outlook, then restart the application in normal mode.

Method 2: Create an entirely new user profile

Start by installing the control panel application on the device.

Next, click on the Mail option in the control panel window

Next, click on the "Show Profile" option.

Click the "Add" button, then enter a profile name in the box under the "Profile Name".

Click the OK button after that.

Enter the primary email address and password for the Outlook Account.

The profile will then be shown in the "Show Profile" dialog box.

Select the one you wish to use.

Now, create a new profile to execute

Method 3: Ending processes via task manager

Right-click to tap the empty space on the taskbar

Then, select the "Task Manager" option from the drop-down menu.


I hope that the article will be helpful to Office Setup users in resolving the problem. If you have any doubts about any of these methods, please visit the official website at To get advice from experts.

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