Tuesday, August 31, 2021

How To Fix Microsoft Errors In Microsoft Office Trading Setup?

Microsoft Office is a popular processing software suite in the technological world. Its outstanding functionality has made it a very well-known tool. It's been used by billions around the globe because of its popularity. Microsoft Office Setup Error

A number of users around the world have reported that they made a common technical error. This is often a Microsoft Office setup error that appears on the screen in the following ways: 


  • Microsoft Office made a mistake in the setting up of the XXXXX version
  • Microsoft Office Professional Version encountered an error during Windows XXX
  • Microsoft Office made a mistake in setting up the XXXXX version.
  • Microsoft Office Home and Business versions made a mistake during set-up
  • Microsoft Office XXXXX made a mistake in Windows XXXXX configuration
  • Inability to install Microsoft Office 365

The most common error among the pop-ups is "Microsoft Office encountered an error during setup." This error pops up whenever a newer version of Microsoft Office has been installed on Windows.


Although the error of Microsoft Office not being set up is quite common, you can still fix it with some simple steps. Below are some suggestions and pointers to help you solve this Microsoft Office setup error.

Remove Traces from Task Scheduler/Uninstall Microsoft Office

Uninstalling Microsoft Office and then reinstalling it once you have removed all traceable files from the task scheduler is one of the first steps to try when you encounter a Microsoft Office setup error.

One possible reason for the Microsoft Office error, as mentioned above, is the remnants of Microsoft Office in Task Scheduler. This method can yield positive results and you will be ready to install Microsoft Office.

The Fix It tool is used to perform this uninstallation. This is often Microsoft's best troubleshooter, and can be used to delete all traces of Microsoft Office previously installed on your Windows system.

After downloading Fix It is complete, follow these steps:

Step 1: Type "Task Scheduler", in the Windows search bar. Tap on the "Enter" key, to open Task Scheduler.

Step 2: Navigate to "Microsoft", then choose "Office" from the Task Scheduler Library.

Step 3: After selecting "Office", click on the right pane and select Delete Folder.

Step 4: Reboot your computer.

You should begin the Microsoft Office installation.

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Renaming the Help Folder in Microsoft

If the above tips didn't work and you are still having trouble installing Microsoft Office on Windows due to an error in the Microsoft Office setup, please follow these steps to rename your Microsoft Help folder.

Step 1: Press Win+R on your console to open the "Run Command Window".

Step 2: Enter the command "%programdata%"

Step 3: Right-click the Microsoft Help folder, and select "Rename", to rename it to "Microsoft Help.old."

Step 4: To end the process, reboot your system.

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