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Thunderbird IMAP to Synchronize with Gmail is the Most Effective Method

Thunderbird 3 is an email client that comes with no cost. It's quick and easy to use, and syncs well with Gmail using the Easy-Email arrangement.

This article will show you how to create a Thunderbird IMAP account. You can then synchronize with Gmail and manage all your email from one place, regardless of webmail addresses or emails with a postbox. We accept that the current Thunderbird record is a POP account for the purposes of this article. Thunderbird 3 chips away on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux and can be converted into a wide variety of dialects.

Take note! Note!

* Windows menus can be used to access account settings or apparatuses options.

* They are edit account settings and alter inclinations in Linux

* They are Tools Account Settings and Thunderbird Intensities in Mac.

This article will focus on Windows menus, but I will also mention the menus above if you use Linux or Mac.

This means that you have set up a Gmail account to receive mail from your letterbox and are empowered IMAP. Important! Reinforcement your messages before you begin! Although this is a standard practice, you'd be surprised at how many people ignore it when they use their email accounts. To leave new messages in Thunderbird's letter box, adjust existing POP records. Gmail will also get a duplicate.

Take note! These changes don't affect the way you currently deal with email. This means that you will have a POP account downloading your email, and an IMAP account syncronizing with Gmail. You will have two copies of your email dynamic until one is turned off.

Gmail checks your mail boxes for new mail every day. Thunderbird 3 will download Thunderbird 3 and expel the email from your post box in the event that another email arrives. If this happens, Gmail won't show that email and it won’t be synchronized to your other email clients.

* Click Tools to Change Account Settings

* Select your current email account.

Snap Server Settings.

Send messages to the server

Increase the number of days by at least 1.

Click OK.

Create another IMAP account using Thunderbird 3 for Gmail

Gmail was just set up to deliver your email. This will allow Thunderbird 3 and Gmail to sync so that you can download duplicates.

* In Thunderbird click Tools - Account Settings...

* Next, click Account Actions – Add Mail Account...

* Enter your name, gmail address (the address that you want to synchronize with) and the secret key.

* Make sure to remember your password

Thunderbird 3 automatically finds the best settings for your email account.

Rehash stage 2 for other PCs, and your email will be synced on all of them.

Gmail is currently synced with your organizers and email. This will impact your email life every day.

Thunderbird and Gmail sync your email so that you can access your email from any computer, whether it's your home or another. 

You can send an email from work and it will be in your sent mail organizer in Gmail. If you read an email in Gmail, it will be set aside as read on your computer. You can do everything on one computer, but it will also be applied to all your other PCs.

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Note: The best way to set-up Thunderbird IMAP accounts is close to your old POP records. This allows you to confirm that all messages have been received into the account by looking at both the messages. Once you're satisfied that everything is working, you can turn off your POP record. To make it work consistently, there are several settings you can change. You can, for example, 

* Tell Thunderbird to use Thunderbird's Spam Channel (Gmail has an amazing spam channel).

* To make it easier to use, change the name of your imap account.

* Install Smart organizers

* Change the propelled arrangement to the Thunderbird settings

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