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How To Change A Primary Account In The Outlook ?

A primary or default email address is the one that the user can set up to receive all correspondence from a website or other organization. We can assist you in changing your primary Outlook account.

Outlook was developed by Microsoft as an email program. It includes many attractive features, such as managing contacts and tasks as well as browsing, calendar management, journaling and note taking.

It was originally developed in 1996, and then relaunched by Microsoft in 2012. The goal of the software was to be a dynamic system that would encourage a sophisticated personal management system among its 400 million users.

Management of accounts

Outlook users can have up to 20 accounts. If you want to delete the primary account, you'll first need to delete all secondary accounts.

The primary account sets most of the default settings for your application. This primary account is the account that was created by the user the first time.

Start with all exchange accounts first, then move on to the default.

How to Change Outlook's Primary Account? Office.Com/Myaccount

These are the steps to follow in Outlook to change your primary account:

Click on the icon to open the program.

Click on the file option at the top.

The drop-down menu under the information option will redirect you to account settings.

You can also modify any settings you wish.

Click on email to choose your default address from the list. If the existing list is not sufficient, you can add a new one.

Click the Set as default button on the panel right above.

The changes made by the user will be saved when they close the program tab.

Finally, restart the application to confirm that all settings have been saved.

Other default settings

The user can change their primary Outlook account to send messages.

  • Click on File to open the app.
  • Click on the Expandable Panel of Options on the Left Side of the Screen, scroll down until you find options - click it.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on mail.
  • Click on the Send messages link on the main page. Check the box that allows you to use your primary account to send messages.
  • Click OK and the user will automatically be able send messages using the default ID.

Finally, follow these steps if you wish to make the default account the one that opens each time an application is opened.

  • Click on File to open Advanced Options.
  • You will see the section called start and exit under the options. Right in front of that section, click on Browse.
  • You will see a range of everyday options on the screen. Choose the one you want to sync with your primary account.
  • To save any changes you have made, click ok twice.

If the user is still having trouble changing their primary Outlook account after running the diagnostics or following the steps above, they should contact customer service immediately.

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